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The Playhouse Preschool

Lincoln, CA


The most important aspect of preschool is learning to succeed at social play. Our preschoolers love learning because our preschool curriculum is taught in a fun and exciting child directed environment!

Meet our Staff


Our Mission


The Play House Child Development Program was established in 2008 and is located in Lincoln Crossing. The program opened after Lynne Bradshaw “Ms. Lynne” spent five years training preschool teachers and daycare providers. What she found was that many programs had amazing things to offer but, none of them had everything she wanted in a preschool program so, she opened her own!

Our philosophy is simple, children love being outdoors, dancing, singing, being silly, and getting dirty but, they also need an academic foundation. Every day we make time to: create, sing, dance, be silly, enjoy our friends and at the same time we learn!

The Play House offers full and part time child care which includes a full preschool program. We offer a variety of options for families including half day morning preschool as well as two, three and four day per week full day options.

If you choose to enroll your child in The Play House Child Development Program, your child will be encouraged to grow in independence and autonomy. They will be challenged intellectually according to their age and interests and guided to respect themselves and others.

For further information, pleas contact us at (530) 635-0503 or via e-mail at theplayhouse@live.com

Please explore our website further if you’d like to learn more about a “typical” day at The Play House Child Development Program.

Curriculum & Activities


Our curriculum is influenced by experts in the field of early childhood education including Maria Montessori, Bev Boss and Lisa Murphy (along with some of our amazing local Kindergarten teachers)! We use Zoo-Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears both of which are used throughout Lincoln elementary schools. Using these programs in preschool helps provide a seamless transition to Kindergarten.

Academic concepts are interlaced throughout everything we do. For example, if we go on a walk, we look at items in nature and try and figure out the letter the items starts with “W is for water” (we may even write the letter on the walking path). At The Play House, children are taught by enthusiastic teachers that allow their students to “create” their own curriculum. We have found teaching in this way allows for a natural love of learning which encourages children to confidently apply their knowledge (both socially and academically) in everyday situations. We strive to support the “whole” child by assisting them in developing skills that will serve them throughout their lives. Just like adults, children learn in a variety of different ways, it is our job as early childhood educators to recognize this and adapt the curriculum to the child and not the child to the curriculum!

We love to discuss our program and curriculum with parents! Please contact us with any questions you might have at (530) 635-0503 or via e-mail at theplayhouse@live.com. We hope to speak with you soon!



Enrollment Process

Please contact us to schedule a brief phone interview with our owner, Lynne Bradshaw.
The best way to reach us is via phone at (530) 635-0503 or e-mail at theplayhouse@live.com. Once we have determined if our program meets your needs we would love to have you and your child come for an interview after the children have left for the day.

At the interview you will receive a tour of our facility and a packet of enrollment information. Ideally, we’d love to have you schedule a second visit to come back during preschool hours and participate with your child. We have found that this is the best way for you to determine if our program is the right match for you and your child!

Please contact us for more information, once we have determined your needs, we can give you a quote.

Contact Us (530) 635-0503 or via e-mail at theplayhouse@live.com